Technology advantage

The technology system of the company for customers improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and improve the quality of products play an important role, the company has for Wei founded group, Foxconn Technology Group Co., Ltd. and other companies to provide technical service

Marketing advantage

In the process of electronic manufacturing process products are in compliance with the process design of the function and performance, to achieve the best cost performance or performance of the application.

Talent advantage

The company has more than 20 professional electronic processing technology research and development engineers and more than 50 practical experience in electronic manufacturing products application engineer, can provide customers with various types of services


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Itroduction Itroduction

XXX Co., Ltd. was established in 1966 in order to enhance the industrial technology through the evaluation of technical support for the test and evaluation agencies,Is a representative body of the Republic of Korea, which exchanges and coop..


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  • 2018-07-16 华芯电子科技(泗洪)股份有限公司--两化额合,五年发展规划(en)

    一、自动化生产线     公司制订了自动化生产线改造的“自动化5年规划”,将对现有生产设备分阶段进行改造升级,主要方向为生产设备的智能化控制,将所有生产设备机台虚拟化,信息化,计划在2022年底前完成对办公室区与生产区分离,由生产控制中心集中管理主要生产设备的生产状态,实现对生产过程实时的远程监控和集中控制,最终达成公司产能安排、生产过程、智能物联的深度融合。 自动(en)

  • 2018-04-24 趣巢教你如何辨别高质量毛绒玩具(en)

    现在毛绒玩具市场令人眼花缭乱,价格也参差不齐,质量也各有好坏。但是对于孩子来说,玩耍不是最先考虑,安全是最重要的。父母应该如何识别毛绒玩具的利与弊? 今天,趣巢玩具教你用四招来辨别毛绒玩具的品质。 第一招:看外观做工是否精细,造型是否漂亮可爱。一般大的厂家都会在毛绒玩具的设计上下很大的功夫,而小厂作坊就只会模仿别人的造型,经常使用较差的材料,而且做工质量粗糙,做出来的毛绒玩具惨不忍睹,很难看。(en)

  • 2018-01-04 2018 IP衍生品爆发的新文化年(en)


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Studio in these years of continuous development, has accumulated a large number of visual design, program development, user experience a series of enterprise customer service experience, sit to take the customer as the center, make according to customer demand for products and services. Customers include Japan, North America, Europe, Australia and other overseas regions, and by the affirmation and encouragement of these customers.

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